“Although we do not wear welding goggles while designing a ship’s structure but instead use highly sophisticated 3D engineering software, we are looking at feasibility from the same point of view.”

Essentially each and every detail the builder needs, all seperate components engineered in one encompassing 3D environment, are prepared for work planning in the building kit phase.



• 3D modelling of surfaces
• Fairing of linesplans
• Shell expansion diagrams
• Expanded plates including strain information and templates
• Structure parts
• 3D structure views
• Profile information like cutting lengths, end details, bending information
• Database including pos. numbers, weights and center of gravities


3D Modelling of surfaces and fairing of linesplans

Whether we are asked to start from a 2D general arrangement, a rough 3D concept or a fully detailed and faired 3D model every building kit package starts with a 3D surface model. Due to our expertise with Siemens NX design & engineering software we produce building kits in less time with far fewer errors because of the ‘single engineering environment’ and the lack of conversions.



Shell expansion diagrams & Expanded plates

Shell expansion drawings show the surface of the hull expanded including the welding seams, variations in thickness, passthrough’s and adjacent constructions. The Expanded plates include strain information and templates, expansions of double and single curved surfaces. Additionally we supply information regarding stretch details and optical templates for shaping of the plates.


Profile information

Information like cutting lengths, end details and bending information. Work planning for all profile and extrusion components, marked on drawings and profile sheets.


Structure parts & 3D structure views

As parts of the work planning all shell components are prepared for nesting. Information as weight, centre of gravity, material, cutting contours and markings are included.