“The FEM functionality found in NX and Solidworks software enables us to quickly analyze multiple geometric options and reliably find the balance between weight, strength and stability”

To simulate the effects of real-world working environments in FEA, various load types can be applied to the FE model, including:

  • Nodal: forces, moments, displacements, velocities, accelerations, temperature and heat flux
  • Elemental: distributed loading, pressure, temperature and heat flux
  • Acceleration body loads (gravity)


• Scantling check
• 3D modelling
• Finite Analyses
• Advisory report

Scantling requirements

Analysis of structural strength and stiffness is done with a so called scantling calulation using manual calculations and/or specialised software of classification societies.

FEM calculations

Finite element analysis (FEA) is the modelling of products and systems in a virtual environment, for the purpose of finding and solving potential (or existing) structural or performance issues. Using FEA software the 3D models can be equiped with forces and constraints simulating the actual situation, resulting in an insightful stress distrubution over the complete model.

3D modelling for FEA

For the analysis of strength and stiffness specific 3D models are made in order to simulate the distribution of stress and displacement.

Calculation report

In the calculation report the outcome of the various analyses are organised and summarised clearly showing the important information as requested by the client of classification society complemented by commendations concerning possible actions for reducing risk factors.