“Integration of  interior design, engineering and construction leads to shorter leadtimes, fewer interferences and cost savings”

Acually listening to and fully grasping our clients vision, feeling that emotion that someone is trying to visualise, that is what we do best and then we ‘add some’. Not just timeless design and elegant surroundings, being amongst engineers we make it ‘fit for use’ and production, befitting our clients wishes and fitting whitin the budget.


• Kick-off meeting and Moodboard
• Concept drawings styling details
• 3D Renderings and Sampleboards
• Interior Plan & Elevation drawings
• Workshop drawings
• 3D Building kit engineering

Kick-off meeting and Moodboard

The interior styling will be started with a kick-off meeting with the Principal and/or yard. In preparation to this meeting the Commissioned Party will prepare various sketches, drawing of details and elevations to the discussion of the principal interior details. ‘Getting inside your head’, that’s what we do first when trying to form an idea of the general styling of your yacht. Lifestyle, likes and dislikes regarding a current or chartered yacht, places you like to visit, artists you admire, it’s just a few aspects of your life that gives us a proper idea of the vision you have. During this kick-off meeting the ins and outs of the interior styling will be discussed including details and accessories. Based on the guidance given during this meeting a moodboard is prepared to visually illustrate the style we intend to pursue.

Concept drawings

Based on the general atmosphere displayed on the Mood Boards, interior concept CAD drawings and 3D hand sketches will be developed. Typical drawing scale is 1:20. These concept drawings will be prepared within the constructional environment and HVAC will be incorporated. It will be showing plan and relevant elevations along with all visible interior joinery details and finishes. It shows wall finishes and fixed furniture of each area. The concept drawing will be used to prepare the 3D model which is required for the 3D interior visuals.

3D Renderings

With the input of the concept drawings, 3D photorealistic interior renderings will be prepared. By preparing these 3D presentation based on the concept drawings the renderings will show the space which is available in reality, 1:1, with real life perspective.

These visuals will show the mouldings and details of the joinery in combination with selections for loose furniture, upholstery, art, light fixtures and all other accessories which make the atmosphere complete. These images will show a high quality, ‘photorealistic’ and ‘as-engineered’ environment, fully comparable to the future situation on board. A minimum of two renderings/viewing points will be prepared per one of the four representative areas. Sample boards (A2 size) will be prepared showing the actual materials i.e. upholstery, carpets, wall finishes and veneers.

Interior Plan & Elevation drawings

For all accommodation spaces a plan view drawing will be prepared including views on wall panels. If necessary details of the furniture will also be added. The drawings will include space for structure, insulation, HVAC, floor finishes, locations of wall sockets and switches, veneer directions and appliances/HiFi. Service space for the appliances will be taken into account.

Interior detail and Workshop drawings

Interior details will be prepared on a scale of 1:2. The details will show the composition of the separate furniture and wall pieces, including finishes like marble/HPL/Corian. Hardware details will also be included.

Overhead drawings

The overheads, including finishes, lighting plan and lay-out of the (upholstered) panels will be prepared at a scale of 1:10. All ceiling detail drawings will be provided showing the various details of the overhead as mentioned above and including speakers, sprinklers, fire alarms and critical equipment above overheads.

Full scale floor drawings

Digital floor drawings will be provided on a scale of 1:1 enabling CNC marking. The drawings will show the contours of the furniture, locations of the doors and if necessary additional reference lines. The floor will be nested in predetermined floor panels.

3D building kit engineering

Base walls and floors, including pre-cut nesting slots can be provided as a cnc kit, ensuring accurate placement of accommodation walls and furniture. Although not yet common in custom, bespoke, yacht building these cnc kits can also be provided for (fixed)furniture, stairs, doors, wheelhouse consoles or other components.