“Being yachting enthousiasts ourselves we know the ropes and understand what daily use and the marine environment will do to components and their lifespan”

Propulsion, driveline arrangements, hull doors or crane arrangements, all drawings start with the necessary calculations providing the proper input data. Apart from the conventional 2D arrangements we often start with a 3D approach since this provides more possibilities for simulations, collision detection and cnc production techniques.


• Anchor arrangement plans
• Crane arrangement plans
• Man overboard boat arrangement plans
• Propulsion and driveline arrangement plans
• Rudder and steering arrangement plans
• Bow and stern thruster arrangement plans
• Stern doors and hull doors arrangement plans


Anchor arrangement plans

From anchor to chain locker, all components are arranged with safety, durability and serviceability in mind. Calculations and simulations lie at the core of a properly functioning anchor arrangement.

Crane arrangement plans

The crane arangments do not only show the position and construction of the crane itself but more importantly the foundation, it’s construction and the supporting hull or superstructure construction. Usually a FEM model and calculation is made to determine the moments and the design of this supporting construction

Stern doors and hull doors

These arrangements show, as well in 2D as in 3D, the doors, coamings, rotating parts, hydraulics, locking mechanisms and seals. In order to ensure proper functioning of multiple parts, often in a 3D curved environment, simulation is a crucial part of the design process.

Propulsion and driveline arrangement plans

The driveline arrangement shows all components in the propulsion system in line. Speed and resistance calculations lie at the core of these calculations.

Rudder and steering arrangement plans

These drawings show all components, arranged in the actual assembly, of the rudder and steering mechanism. As well as components to be manufactured as the purchase items are specified. Calculations of surface areas and forces on the components form the basis for these drawings.

Bow and stern thruster arrangement plans

All components for bow and stern thruster  are arranged and dimensioned according to the underlying calculations.  The surface area proportions and  the exerted forces on these areas are the basis for the calculations.