“Yacht design is an exciting process”

Creating a new ship design is an exciting process, and the second most fun aspect after the launch of a project, however it is the intermediate process which will determine whether fantasy and reality can actually be combined to a practical, safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing product.

The exterior yacht design process begins with sketching, concept development and updating of the lines plan and hydrostatics in conjunction with the general arrangement. Once the owner’s requirements and technical prerequisites are met the 2D general arrangement is translated into a detailed 3D models which provides photo realistic like images of the exterior including details of all fixed furniture, finishes and colours.



• General Arrangement plan
• Lines plan
• 3D modeling and styling
• Specifications
• Hydrostatics
• Hydrodynamics
• Safety plan
• Fire protection plan

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“Ship design is the second most fun aspect after the launch of a project”


General Arrangement plans

In the Exterior Styling and General Arrangement design the main characteristics of the yacht will be determined, both interior and exterior. Such main characteristics consist of the shape of the bow and stern lines, the number of decks, the internal and external lay-out, the location of windows etc. The determination of the General Arrangement is an iterative process. During this iterative process, the design is being refined and adjusted to the Principles ideas in close cooperation with the Commissioned Party.


Lines plan

The naval architecture calculations and drawings will be the basic input for the specification and will determine the performance of the yacht.


3D Modelling & Styling

Based on the information of the 2D profile rendering and the General Arrangement, a digital surface model will be created. This 3D model will enable to review all angles and areas of the exterior of the yacht very accurately. In order to visualize the yacht in a photorealistic manner, based on the 3D surface model, various 3D still photorealistic renderings will be prepared, showing the conceptual yacht sailing in her natural environment.


Outline Specifications

The specifications document essentially describes the entire content and characteristics of the yacht to be build. The document defines general requirements, the performance, arrangements, materials, finishes, technical standards and special features which are incorporated in the design of the subject yacht in sufficient detail so as to enable the Builder to build and deliver the yacht to the owner according to the owner’s and class & flag’s expectations. This document will be made in conjunction with the owner, owner’s representative, designer and yard.

An outline (initial) specification usually acts as the basis for such a document and describes merely the general requirements, performance and dimensions.


Hydrostatics and hydrodynamics

The Hydrostatics of a ship is of great importance for the usage of the ship. At Kroes Marine Projects we translate the wishes of the customer in a safe, usable ship. We do this by implementing the latest rules and regulations regarding stability and combining common sense into the model and our calculations.

Hydrodynamics of a ship are of equal importance, giving a indication in fuel consumption, manoeuvrability and seakeeping. Complex calculations can be done with collaboration of our professional network.


Safety plan

The safety plan states all means of safety onboard and their locations as well as routes of escape. The safety plan is a mandatory class approval drawing and is to be given a permanent location onboard.


Fire protection plan

This drawing shows the various fire zones onboard and the level of fire protection these areas are designed for. Construction materials and insulation details are determinative for the level of protection and are additionally marked on the fire protection plan.

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