“When it comes to marine engineering KMP’s engineers combine lasting function, accessibility and servicibility into an attractive arrangement”

Wether it is due to the fact that most of our engineers are marine enthusiasts or that we are in contact with the build yards on a daily basis, the solutions we present are a product of constant development, involvement and collaboration with the specialists in the field.


• System designs
• Engine room and technical area layouts
• 3D Pipe routings
• Isometric sketches

System designs

Designing of schematics and diagrams for the purpose of all systems onboard. Among other factors flow, resistance and speed calculations are the underlying figures.

Engineroom and technical area layouts

2D and/or 3D arrangements of technical spaces by means of general space reservations.

3D Pipe routings

Based on schematics and the designer’s 3D surface model all systems are positioned in a 3D environment, paying close attention to the available space in relation to the interior arrangment, insulation and construction.

Isometric sketches

Isometric sketches are made as part of the work planning at the yard, in order to enable pre-assembly of system elements off-site.